About Cardiff: Society Standard

So….basically I’ve discovered the perfect place for your Friday night cocktail  and dinner needs.

Ok, ok…so discovered may be a bit of a strong word given that the place has been open since July and also given that it wasn’t even my idea to go there…but lets not get too bogged down in the detail.

Society Standard is the place in question.

This cool bar and kitchen is located on Whitchurch Road and is next door neighbour to the kings of pop-up-turned-restaurant Got Beef.

Myself, Hannah and Sarah arrived at around 8pm on Friday night and the it was was packed.

We of course headed  right to the bar to check out the cocktail menu; I chose the Espresso Martini (because 1 Starbucks, 1 Bondlon Coffee and 3 instant coffees just clearly wasn’t enough of a caffeine fix that day…..) whilst the girls both went for the High Society Sour. They looked beautiful and they definitely hit the spot after a long day of dreaming about our first alcoholic drink!

Society Standard
do not take reservations and so we perched by the bar and soaked up the atmosphere (whilst trying to keep an eagle eye on anyone potentially leaving soon so that we could be ready to pounce on their table. So yeah, always playing it cool).

The decor inside is industrial-cool; think exposed brick walls, metal beams, contemporary art pieces and neon-lights. There are a number of smaller tables on the bar side of the  restaurant, with space for bigger parties on the other side, in front of an open kitchen.

It didn’t take long before we managed to secure a table on the bar side, by which point we were Marvin and dived head first in to the varied menu.

 Society Standard has a menu to see you through from breakfast to dinner.

On offer are burgers, steaks, classics such as mac n cheese and fish pie, mussels and fries, along with more exotic dishes and a variety of mouth watering (and hilariously named) sandwiches (Mactorious P.I.G looked divine). Also on the menu are lighter options and sharers (I’m still thinking about the Sea Food and Eat it platter now…one for next time definitely).

Check out the menu on their site:


Both Sarah and I went for the Blackend Chicken and Gumbo and Hannah went for the Flat Iron Steak.

Al I am saying is the food was that good the 3 of us didn’t speak for 15 minutes whilst we wolfed it down.

We stayed a good while afterwards chatting, sampling some more cocktails and enjoying the laid back vibes.

Whilst at the bar I noticed the barman expertly making his own shots which he described as a mixture of a baby Guinness and espresso martini. Had I not already hit my caffeine limit I would have definitely treated myself to one. (How much coffee is too much coffee? Asking for a friend….)

It says something when you just have to return to a place the next day to try out the brunch menu!

Post yoga, myself and the 2 Hannah’s debriefed on our Friday night antics and planned for our week ahead over eggs and avo on sour dough bread- perfect.

Essentially, what I’m saying is that I think this little gem will be a new Friday favourite, especially when we fancy a chilled night ‘out but not out out’.

Tasty food, classy cocktails, laid back vibe. Lush.

I’ll have to go back and try the lunch menu, just for you guys.

You’re welcome.

About Cardiff: Society Standard

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