Musings: You are not your snapchat filter! 

Ok, so I understand that this post isn’t going to make me popular.

However being unpopular is not a new concept for me. Someone once brought a knife to school and when someone asked who it was for….guess who?!

Oh, if you’re worried I didn’t actually get stabbed.

Just threatened with the prospect of being stabbed.

Aaaahhhh school, best days of our lives.


Anyway, I digress. On to the topic…

Can we just discuss the pandemic that is extreme snap chat filter overuse? 

Ok, I know this may appear rich coming  from me, the self obsessed selfie queen.

Ok VERY rich. I can almost hear your eyes rolling. Just bear with me a second….

I love a filter. All day eeeeer day.
I mean I’ve used the “fit filter” so much that I am shocked and indeed upset when I catch my *actual* face in the mirror and it’s not perfectly contoured, and where are my sparkly eyes, and my highlighted cheeks and WHY AM I NOT MY SNAPCHAT FILTER?

It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with it Hons. A long time.

I am not my snapchat filter.

Spot the difference.

However, just when you thought if you saw one more licky puppy filter on your newsfeed you would throw your iPhone 6 under a 44 minutes late Arriva train, along came the butterfly crown.

That butterfly crown.

All over my FB.

It’s a step too far.

Coming from me.

I don’t know what about it has pushed this snappy addict over the edge?!

I think it’s because, let’s face it, Call Me Dave Cameron could use it and look like Megan Fox.

I think it’s because it’s the ultimate catfish filter.


Say it with me Hons ….
“I am not my snapchat filter”

“I am not my snapchat filter”

Be careful, if you say it in to the mirror three times Nev, Max and the whole MTV production team arrive at your door…

All I’m saying is, we need to understand that we are never going to be as fit as those filters. We need to maybe keep them where they belong, on the self serving , narsacistic platform that is Snappy? Where we can all watch each others narcissism in 10 second intervals?

But hey what do I know, I once skinned a sausage because I thought the skin was packaging. Don’t ever listen to anything I say.


*No butterflies were harmed in the making of this blog*

Musings: You are not your snapchat filter! 

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