About Cardiff: Cafe Brava

What a glorious, balmy summer’s evening we’ve had here in our capital today.

Lol JK, it’s rained for 8 consecutive hours.

Luckily, eating out is one of the best things to do in Cardiff, and you can undertake that particular activity come rain or shine. Luckily.

This evening, myself and one of the besties decided to drag ourselves through the torrential storm (ok…slight exaggeration, but come on…August?! You are kidding me hon?!) to Pontcanna for dinner at the lovely Cafe Brava.

Cafe Brava is situated on the corner of Pontcanna street; it’s cosy, it’s cool and it’s creative (and THAT’s alliteration….it’s why you come here people!)


Brava has a coffee shop vibe by day, serving brunch/light lunch- the menu is varied and changes daily.

We sat down at 6:02pm meaning our visit fell in to the ‘supper club’ menu. The menu consists of mainly bistro dishes and gastro burgers (which all look delicious).

Now, I’m usually a massive advocate of Wine Wednesday (and Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday, we chilled on Sunday) however there was no wine to be seen today because:

  1.  Bestie is on the C9 diet. If you want to know what that is you can click here. However, in summary, you basically drink pond water and eat 1 meal for 9 days. Horrend.
  2. I am also trying to ‘cut down’ as I am out out on Saturday and I accidentally ate 3 cookies and 2 muffins in work yesterday and so I’m trying to convince myself I can magically lose a few pounds between now and then. LOL.

So the long and short of it is that I had a skinny flat white (because Basic Bitch) and bestie had water. Wild.

Great cup of coffee though!

On to the food. I went for the jerk chicken salad from the specials menu (because No Carbs).

And Oh.My.God.Best salad I’ve had. Not kidding.

It had pineapple and mango and coriander and it was so spicy and refreshing at the same time and YUM.

Like, tbh, cucumber and cherry tomatoes are not going to cut it anymore now I’ve been exposed to the salad high life.
Feast your eyes on this.


Bestie had a veggie chilli with rice and guac and grated cheese which also looked dreamy.

The service was slick and the vibe relaxed.

All in all, if you’re looking for things to do in Cardiff on a cold rainy winter’s evening (in August)….Brava is the one.

Also, you can bring your own champagne and you don’t have to pay corkage.

So there’s that.

About Cardiff: Cafe Brava

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