10 things: Are you a 90s baby?

So ….this blog was meant to be all about the struggles of a girl transitioning through her twenties to become a mature and real life adult. However, I seem to be stuck in this whole world of nostalgia right now for one reason or another (i.e. the reason probably being that I am writing this sat on a fish themed sleeping bag on my decking floor drinking red wine because I’ve just sold my patio furniture as I’m moving home to my Mam’s house at the age of 27 so I’m kinda thinking….what on earth is life?! )

But…let’s just go with it!


I’m not really sure how it came up but following a good 30 minute discussion on old Eastenders storylines (remember when Janine murdered Barry by pushing him down a very slight incline….? MEGA LOL) we got all nostalgic about growing up in the 90s. Wasn’t the 90s just hilarity in a can?!

In the name of research, I pinged a Whats’app around to my gal dems to ask them what their favourite things about the 90s were.

So…this blog post is very much a collaborative effort- thanks girl twirls!

I’ve picked out some of my favourite fascinating 90s throw backs below…..

1) 90s School Discos 

The excitement. The adrenaline.

You’re wearing your fav pedal pushers from the market (with a skirt over the top..obvz) and your crop top from Tammy Girl.

You’ve crimped your hair. Maybe you’ve gone all out and had ‘twists and knots’. Either way, your Mam has DEFINITELY sprayed your hair (and indeed your entire body) with glitter spray. You’re a walking ,talking, sassy little disco ball.

You’ve immersed yourself in Impulse body spray , you’ve rolled on a good old slick of roll on clear lip gloss and you’re good to go.

Boys…look out.

And just WAIT until you see my choreographed routine to ‘ Reach for the Stars’.
2) Spice girls pictures

Photographs of the Spice Girls which you basically spent £674329084 on a week to just stick in to a photo album and like….look at.

You were meant to try and collect them all but instead you ended up with 60 ‘doubler’ pictures of Emma Bunton on the phone in a toilet.


3) SEGA Megadrive

I’ve lost days, no, probably weeks of my life to the SEGA. Well, you had to. You couldn’t save anything.It was all or nothing.

In saying that I’ve probably completed Tinder more times than I’ve completed any SEGA game…. so there we are.

It was all about : Sonic (up, down, left, right, A, Start…you gets me bro?), Earth Worm Jim (He’ll whip people with his head mind), Streets of Rage , Golden Axe and Mickey Mouse.

It was not all about: crying silent tears whilst you tried to blow dust out of the game cartridge.

4) MSN

You come home from a long day at school. What’s the best way to unwind? By chatting to all the people you’ve been sat in school with all day, obvz! Or, more often that not, people that you NEVER chat to in school but have a full on MSN relationship online that you can’t quite translate in to reality ….*SIGH*.

Having a song lyric as your little tag line was essential.- Mine was always some deep and meaningful Panic at the Disco lyric because I’m like, so alternative and edgy and ‘scene’ and tortured and you’ll never understand me *sobs in to keyboard and uploads another black and white profile pic to Myspace*

What u up 2?
Nt a lot, u?
Yeah same, who else you talking to?
BRB my Mam needs to use the phone

*waits ten minutes for response*
*signs out and signs back in for attention*
*still no response…changes status to some deep and meaningful Linkin Park lyric about unrequited love…
*Removes from Myspace top 10*

I literally cannot remember what on earth I used to even speak to people about on MSN for hours and hours on end every day apart from asking people who was in their ‘top 5’ which essentially was just asking someone in a round about away way if they fancied you and your friends and in what order. And if they wouldn’t tell you their number one, well… you knew it was you. You little detective!!

5) Gel Pens

Specifically, ruining the brand new pencil case that your mother bought you from WH Smiths for your first day back at school by writing ALL OVER IT in multicoloured gel pens. Scented multicoloured gel pens.

What better way to declare your love for someone than writing their name all over a pencil case? Simple, effective and durable (because as we all know, if destroyed, still true).

6) Inflatable everything

Because nothing says super trendy like being able to see the entire contents of your bag.

And nothing says comfort more than an inflatable chair.

What was the obsession with inflatable stuff all about?!

If it’s not inflatable, I ain’t interested.



7) 90s Sweets

I’m talking Push Pops, Refreshers. Jubblies*. Cider lollies (Sorry Solid!)

And Freddos were 5p. As my friend Boz said “Inflation hit Freddo hard….really hard.”

She’s not wrong.

*I am not entirely sure if jubblies are a Valleys/Welsh thing or not? Are they universal? Dunno.
But essentially they were a carton of sugary juice stuff that you froze and that you had to suck out of the end .Because who wants a Calippo anyway?

8) All of the Sportswear….None of the sports.

The paradox of being a 12 year old that skipped every sports day EVER yet still dressed head to toe in Kappa.

9) Dream Phone
I mean basically I think this meme sums it up…..


It was really intense wasn’t it? The process of elimination….

He looks good in whatever he wears….”

“He’s not at the beach”

“He’s not at the mall”

“He’s not wearing a hat”

“He doesn’t like popcorn”

“He’s emotionally stunted”

“He’s going to date you for 3 months, get you completely sucked in and then tell you he’s not looking for commitment”

“I know who it is, but I’m not telling,….HA HA”

I mean, I suppose it’s pretty accurate yeah.

10) The Millennium Bug

When everyone was literally Loosing. Their. Shit. because they thought that the world was going to end the moment it turned 2000 and planes were going to fall out of the sky and computers were going to crash and power stations were going to explode because WHAT IF THE COMPUTERS THINK IT IS 1900?! WHAT THEN?!

Oh no…. it’s ok. We’re good.



There’s so much I’ve missed out! Mizz magazine, Hooch, Blockbusters, cassettes , Pogs, GUNGE and another whole blogs worth of amazing 90s TV shows and music- I’ll add it to my to do list along with packing up my entire flat full of worldly goods *SOBS*.






10 things: Are you a 90s baby?

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